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daily pictures of NCIS
"Welcome to ncis_oneaday. Similar to sg_one_a_days, this is a community for NCIS pictures, daily. This comm is about the team in general, because they are love. Its to brighten up your day, one picture at a time.
Anyone can post, however I will be posting pictures daily. If you’ve come across, or screencapped a nice, or funny picture then go ahead and post it. If you want to post your favourite pic, then go ahead. It might just make someone feel a little happier. If you do post please try and remember to tag it with the episode name and characters.

A few simple rules:
Comments are great, as well as captions. Negative talk about any character or pairing is not allowed, take it somewhere else. This is a friendly community.
If you have any questions/suggestions please comment here
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